A little Monday motivation for you all.

The past 12 months have been a bit of an Everest challenge for most of us, but hope is on the horizon.

By the end of February, the sun will set at 17.39pm
By the end of March, 19.32pm
April, 20.22pm
May, 21.07pm
And by June 21.21pm

This evening we certainly witnessed; brighter and longer days are ahead.

Here are seven reasons to stay optimistic for the rest of February.

  • Spring is around the corner, which means better weather is coming. Let’s hope we get plenty of blue skies like last year.
  • The vaccine rollout continues to gather pace and is vaccinating millions, now starting with the over 65s.
  • Several animal species are expected to be saved from extinction.
  • More governments across the globe are committing to cutting carbon emissions.
  • The fallout from the pandemic could be that we rebuild our societies in a fairer, more sustainable way.
  • After the Spanish Flu pandemic which ravaged the earth from 1918-1920 an economic and cultural boom swept Europe and North America. It was dubbed the ’roaring twenties’ and many experts predict we could be in for a similar period more than 100 years on from that decade. Great Gatsby style parties all around then.
  • Lastly and most importantly, sociologists predict that many people will emerge from the lockdown with a kinder, community-minded approach.

2021 can only get better.

What are you looking forward to most when our lives return to normal?

Barry & Laura

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