When choosing an estate agent, it pays to channel your inner Miss Marple or Sherlock Holmes and do a little online investigating.

As we all know, many estate agents are known for having the ‘gift of the gab’. You’d be hard-pressed to find one who doesn’t claim to have a strong community standing, good track record and proven marketing formula.

But how do you know if they’re telling the truth? Social media is a good place to start.

We’re not suggesting you believe everything you see on the internet, but a quick online snoop will provide plenty of clues as to how proactive an agent is and whether their claims marry up to reality.

Here are some top tips for online sleuthing:

Step Into a Buyer’s Shoes

Even if you’re not a big Facebook or Instagram user, many people, including potential buyers are so delve into the social media of local agents and analyse what you see. The best agents are dynamic, professional, consistent and personable, qualities that should come across on their social media channels.

Presentation of Properties

Compare how different agents market properties. Look for an agent who uses high quality images of clutter-free rooms and informative, engaging property descriptions. Steer clear of agents who use grainy snaps of darkened rooms. In our image-focused culture, dodgy pictures are a huge turn-off for buyers.

Engaging Content

Top agents do more than just market properties on social media they engage with the local community about a range of issues. Look for content about the area, shout-outs to small businesses, sports clubs and charities plus articles about important topics of the day (these might cover property-related matters or more general talking points). Savvy agents use social media to build a following so that when they have a property to market, they have a ready-made audience.


Reviews and testimonials can give you an idea of an agent’s strengths and weaknesses. Feedback from sellers, buyers and other professionals involved in the property chain, such as conveyancing solicitors, can provide useful insight.

Do they have Personality?

Ideally, an agent’s social media will give you some idea of what motivates and drives their business. Why does this matter? Selling your home is one of the biggest (and possibly most stressful) transactions of your life. Better to go through the experience with someone you feel comfortable talking to and whom you can trust.

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Thanks in advance.

Barry & Laura

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