Today we share three stories that shine a light on affairs of the heart in the lead up to Valentine’s Day on Sunday.

Lockdown Celebrations

Unfortunately, one thing star-crossed lovers in St Neots can’t do this Valentine’s Day is bag a reservation at a candle-lit restaurant.

In the olden days, even the most mediocre eatery was booked solid on the 14th of February, but no thanks to lockdown that won’t be the case this year.

So how can couples celebrate the feast of St Valentine in style? Diana Wiley, a “marriage therapist and board-certified sex therapist” urges those in relationships to be creative.

She said couples should focus on creating their own “bubble of love”.

Ways to do this include dressing smartly (no loungewear or tracksuit bottoms) and don’t obsess over the fact that you can’t go out.

Make 2021 the year you create a new tradition or look back on the memories you make for years to come.

It has been great to see so many businesses adapt and offer takeaway Valentine meals. We don’t usually conform to St Valentine, but this year we thought we would support a local business and treat ourselves. We can’t wait.

And Our Survey says . . .

Frugal types will be delighted to learn that you don’t have to spend big on your partner this Sunday.

That’s according to relationship coach Louanne Ward, who surveyed couples about their Valentine’s Day likes and dislikes.

Ward, who runs a matchmaking agency, says 63% of men and women surveyed think heartfelt gestures are more important than expensive gifts.

So, if you were planning to present your other half with a pricey piece of jewellery or an expensive bottle of fizz, think again; a nice card might suffice (Laura loves a card)

If you’re going to show your love with flowers, they don’t have to be red roses (which are usually eye-wateringly expensive on the 14th of February). The survey found that 80% of women would prefer to receive their favourite flower instead of red roses. The question is: do you know your beloved’s favourite bloom?

Is Monogamy For the Birds?

When it comes to everlasting love, birds are much more likely than mammals to stick with the same partner for life. Only about 5% of mammal species (excluding humans) are monogamous, compared to 90% of bird species according to the World Wildlife Foundation.

You won’t be surprised to learn that lovebird’s mate for life. Other loyal species include bald eagles, barn owls, pigeons, vultures, scarlet macaws, flamingos and mute swans.

If a male mute swan dies, his female mate will find a new partner within weeks. However, if a female mute swan dies, the male waits until the following autumn or winter before coupling up with another swan. Clearly, they don’t have a ‘Swan Island’.

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From us both, have a great weekend lovers.

Barry & Laura

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