Today we’re sharing our opinion on the home renovations that don’t add value and can make it harder to sell your property.

If there’s a chance you could sell your St Neots home in the next few years, think before you rush into making any major home renovations.

While you might read about celebrities investing in fancy wine cellars (David Beckham’s building one for his 7,000 bottles of vino) or bespoke nature ponds (Ed Sheeran has a jetty), the reality is that pet projects rarely pay off.

What one enthusiastic home renovator sees as original and bold, could seem dated in a few years’ time.

Of course, your home should reflect who you are after all, there’s more to life than nondescript neutral palettes.

But there are ways to personalise your property without harming your chances of securing a good selling price further down the track (unless you’re David or Ed and money is no object).

Steer clear of spending big on features or structural changes that the next owner might find difficult or expensive to remove.

Instead, put your stamp on your home through colourful photo galleries, eye-catching artworks, or bright feature walls (that you can paint over quickly and easily.)

Common renovation mistakes include:

Adding a Tiny Bathroom

An additional bathroom can add real value to a property, but size really does matter. If you need a shoehorn to wiggle your way in and out, it’s more trouble (and money) than it’s worth especially if it makes a bedroom significantly cramped.

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are the Marmite of the garden world, you either love them or hate them. For some, a hot tub is the height of luxury; for others, it’s a health and safety risk. It’s a question of personal taste but be aware that would-be buyers might have concerns about costs, upkeep, and nosy neighbours. There are plenty of inflatable versions which you can take with you and store away when you want a break from the bubbles.

Outdoor Statement Pieces

Expensive climbing frames, ornate water features or fountains might be a turn-off as they can be costly and cumbersome to remove.

Bold Coloured Kitchen Cabinets

A fresh and modern kitchen can be a worthwhile investment but be wary of getting carried away with current trends. Install neutral-coloured cabinets as they won’t date as quickly. If you want to make a statement, do so with a bespoke splashback or statement tiles that you can remove at a later date.

Single Bedrooms

If you’re tempted to convert a generous bedroom into two smaller rooms, think carefully. Parents of young children may believe that creating two smaller rooms that can accommodate single beds is the perfect antidote to sibling arguments. But potential buyers may find itty-bitty spaces that don’t serve a clear purpose (and are too small for at least a double bed and some storage) off-putting.

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