When it comes to selling a property, it pays to do your research before choosing an agent to manage the sale. 
Now you might think that all agents are much of a muchness, but you’d be wrong!
A great agent won’t just sell your property; they’ll sell it for the highest possible price (which is the whole point, obviously).
A mediocre agent will go through the motions and probably secure a sale, it is a seller’s market after all, but won’t go the extra mile to get the absolute best deal.
Given that you’ll most likely only sell a property once or twice in your life, why wouldn’t you go with someone who will secure the best transaction for you?
Here are six things to look for in a good estate agent.
Track Record

Go with an agent who has a good reputation and experience selling properties like yours. And don’t just take the agent’s word for it; a good agent will have client testimonials and Google reviews.
Fees and Costs

It may be tempting to go with the agent with the lowest fee but be wary. Low-fee agents skimp on marketing and photography which can result in lower offers.
Professional Marketing

Buyers do so much of their research online that an agent must have a professional digital presence. Compare how local agents present properties for sale. Look for good quality photography and well-written property descriptions as well as a strong social media presence.

Read the Fine Print

Be wary of agents who want to tie you in for an excessive period, including notice periods. An agent should always have confidence in their own abilities.

If an agent vows to sell your property for a sum that is jaw-droppingly higher than market value, be suspicious. Most likely, they’re over-promising to lure you in and will have to drop the price later when savvy buyers don’t fall for it. This tactic known as list, reduce, sell, just wastes time. Go with an agent who is realistic.
Gut Instinct

Always follow your instincts (they’re usually right).

At Butler Residential we have a proven track record with five-star reviews. Our marketing is clean, modern and sparks emotion for prospective buyers. We don’t tie our clients in to contracts and give you the option to decide its length. All our valuations are provided with comparative evidence based on your homes area and interior condition.

Our goal is to get you sold for the best price and as quickly as possible so you can start on your next chapter.

To find out more about our selling track record, click the Google Reviews link below.

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