Term starts this week for many of the nearly 8.8 million school children across England and Wales.

School catchments play an important role for many when choosing a home, it was certainly a factor when we moved to Cambridgeshire.

Across England and Wales nearly 4.3 million homes, 17% have an OFSTED rated Outstanding as their nearest Primary School.

With catchment areas for Secondary Schools generally larger, it's no surprise a higher proportion of homes, nearly 1 in 5, have an Outstanding Secondary as their nearest.

Property price growth in catchment areas around top schools, can often exceed other areas and living close to a top school can attract a significant price premium.

How do your local schools rank?

We all want the best for our children and their education but what about you and your home?

If you are thinking about selling or currently on the market with not much luck, we can market your home to get you the best result, a sale.

Your dream move to an OUTSTANDING catchment area could be achieved sooner, rather than later.

Contact us today to book a property valuation.

Good Luck to all children stating or going back to school!

Barry & Laura